Dell announced the launch of Dell Mobile Connect. It is feature-rich, but exclusive to Dell Inspiron, XPS, and Vostro PCs purchased starting this month. Dell also offers a version of Mobile Connect for Alienware PCs, which is called Alienware Connect. On your phone front, you will need Android Lollipop or a newer version. “People don’t just have a mouse and keyboard in their hands when using a computer, they now also have a smartphone. To increase convenience and productivity, Dell is the first PC maker to introduce a software solution that enables complete wireless integration between Dell PCs and smartphones (iOS and Android),” Dell wrote in a press release. According to Dell, Mobile Connect provides a complete wireless integration between your Android devices and your PC. It allows you to check notifications, make or receive phone calls or texts, and even run your phone’s Android apps on your PC through mirroring. The company also noted that the connection between your phone and PC remains secure through a point-to-point connection, never going through the internet or WiFi routers. The Dell Mobile Connect Android app is now available in the Google Play Store and as soon as you get a new compatible Dell PC, you can start using it.