The company achieved once again the crown of Smartphone Chipset ruler of the Market. During the third quarter of 2017, the company is responsible for about 42 percent of the revenue generated by the chipsets made for smartphones. A little more than the 41 percent reached in the same period of 2016. The market led by Qualcomm was followed by Apple who took the second place with 20 percent of share thanks to the Ax series inside iPhones.  There is an overall SoC revenue of $8 billion in the Q3 2017 which means 19 percent year-to-year increase. The companies have moved their strategy that previously was focused on the total amount of cores to the overall experience delivered by the Chipsets. The race for reducing nm, the AI capable SoCs, all this is something that may become a Trend in the next year. According to reports Broadcom is preparing a new bid over the chipset maker