You have finally decided to invest in the cryptocurrencies and were looking for a good Bitcoin wallet on Android. Before you start buying or even mining Bitcoin (BTC), you need a wallet. It is required for managing your Bitcoins. Whether you want to receive, send or simply keep your Bitcoins, you need a reliable wallet. Think of it as your internet banking account, where you money is not physically stored but resides digitally and you need it transfer to your money to another account or use it to pay for any service or get money from someone. Unlike normal internet banking accounts, the Bitcoin Wallet have a private key or a seed, and not username or passwords. Some wallets do added additionally security options like passwords or PINs. It is the private key that gives you access to your Bitcoins. If anyone else gets access to your private key or seed, he or she can steal your Bitcoins. In reality, with these wallets you are securing your private key or seed. A wallet is simply managing your Bitcoin private keys for you. GreenBits is the official Android wallet of the popular GreenAddress wallet service. Like Mycelium, GreenBits also supports hardware wallets. It includes pretty much every feature that a normal Bitcoin user will need. GreenBits also allows you to choose your own Bitcoin full node to connect to for added security and privacy. Unlike Mycelium, you are not stuck with their own full nodes. Get GreenBits Bitcoin Wallet from Play Store