2018 is just around the corner and we’re all excited about the next 12 months and what amazing new hardware we’re going to see launched, but only smartphones with 5 of these features are worth it. Full Screen, (18:9) is one of those features that you won’t know that you need until you actually try it, and once you’ve used it it’s hard to go back. 2 Day battery life, phone makers are really going to focus on battery life in the R&D and also their marketing now that Apple dropped the ball and admitted it’s purposely slowing phones down with forced updates. Waterproof Nano Coating, Samsung has been selling waterproof flagship phones for years already so it’s about time other phone makers started to coat their phones with waterproof nanocoating too. USB Type C, is a much neater standard and is used across various different product already, so we expect all Android smartphones to come with the format in 2018. Quality Camera Optics, we still amazed by how poor some cameras are on Android smartphones. Even more shocking is that certain high-end phone makers seems to have reverted back to the strategy of simply speccing a higher value sensor in a phone rather than improving the lens and software behind of the camera app.